Need a great gift but unsure what to get? This mystery box is a perfect solution because it includes more than just jewelry! It is an immersive experience full of items that are meant to soothe, relax and have fun! 

This item comes in a Medium or Deluxe Box.

Below is a general list of what comes inside the box without giving away the secrets! 

Some items are handmade and others have been carefully selected from various places in order to create a box that’s fun and takes the pressure off of you having to pick out items. 

The Medium Box: contains 12 items 

- 4 special items we want to keep a mystery for you 
- 3 home decor items 
- 3 aromatherapy/bath items 
- 1 handmade jewelry piece (Mysfit Moon)
- 1 accessory item 
Box Measurements: 6”x 6” x 5.9”

Mysfit Mystery Box (Medium)