Need a great gift but unsure what to get? This mystery box is a perfect solution because it includes more than just jewelry! It is an immersive experience full of items that are meant to soothe, relax and have fun! 

This item comes in a Medium or Deluxe Box.

Below is a general list of what comes inside the box without giving away the secrets! 

Some items are handmade and others have been carefully selected from various places in order to create a box that’s fun and takes the pressure off of you having to pick out items. 

Deluxe Box: contains 19 items 

- 4 pieces of handmade jewelry (Mysfit Moon) 
- 3 home decor items 
- 3 aromatherapy/bath items
- 2 natural stones with intention card
- 1 accessory item 
*Plus 5 other special items that we want to keep a mystery. Some of these items are hand crafted by me :)

Box Measurements: 7.68” x 7.68” x 7.4” 

I created this box in order to inspire, elevate and give joy to anyone who receives it. I aim to spread positivity within each piece that I create. I want you to feel special by gifting or receiving this box. I hope my intentions are felt when you receive your box. 

I do not accept returns on the box. If an item is broken then you will receive a partial refund for your box! 

If you don’t like some of the items, you cannot return them. Please try and make someone’s day by giving it to someone who would really love it! 

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Mysfit Mystery Box (Deluxe)