Hey there!

       This is the part where I awkwardly talk about myself and inform you about Mysfit Moon all while making you feel welcome and inspired. Deep breath...here goes...


       Hi, I'm Jasmine. I am the owner and creative thinker behind all that is Mysfit Moon. I don't really have a good origin story of how Mysfit Moon came to be. After serving six years as an Active Duty Army Officer, I knew it was time to deeply invest in my creativity. After transitioning I went through a rough time trying to find my place in the artistic world.

      One day I was inspired to make jewelry and I loved it! Not only were the combinations endless, but the stones were natural, long lasting, and physically therapeutic. Plus, they looked and felt great on my skin. 

     Honestly, there is no grand problem I'm trying to solve by creating this jewelry for you. I just want you to feel good wearing something that is handmade with positive intentions and genuine gemstones. I don't compare myself to anyone, and I don't watch what other companies are doing. I just do what feels right in my soul, and that is enough for me. I want to ignite joy, confidence and a sense of calm, because you deserve it, Mysfit :) 

                                                                                                      ok...how did I do?